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A guide to Ella, Sri Lanka

Welcome to Ella, Sri Lanka’s majestic mountain town with plenty to offer in the way of eating, sleeping, chilling, hiking and sightseeing. Taking a step away from the beaches of Sir Lanka and travel into the hill country and immerse yourself in nature.

A visit to Ella would not be complete with a visit to:

Ella Rock

This hike navigates you over train tracks, through tea plantations, local farms and houses up through the forest eventually rewarding you with unforgettable views of the Sri Lankan hill country. Ella Rock is a must-do for any visitors to Ella and Sri Lanka.

The Nine Arch Bridge

The Nine Arch Bridge showcases one of the country’s best examples of the colonial-era building. This viaduct bridge has become an Instagram hotspot and for good reason! Only a short walk from Ella it is easily accessed and has several trains running over it throughout the day.

The Lipton Seat

The Lipton Seat is located in the hills of Sri Lanka about 7km from the tea plantation town of Dambatenne. It is commonly referred to as one of Sri Lanka’s most impressive viewpoints offering you panoramic views that will last in your mind for a lifetime!

Little Adams Peak

Want all the rewards without too much walking? If so this hike is for you, taking only about 30 minutes each way this hike navigates you through tea plantations and into the hills. It can be easily accessed from Ella or stop by and watch the sunset on your back from the Nine Arch Bridge.

Ravana Ella Falls

Hire a scooter or jump into a tuk-tuk or on a bus and take an impressive drive down the mountain to the Ravana Falls. Enjoy views of this 25m waterfall and if you’re feeling hot why not cool off in the water. There are lots of monkeys to witness on the side of the road!

Chill Cafe

Best place for food or a beer in town. Take a break from Sri Lankan food and enjoy a well made western dish. Cool place to hang out to listen to music, have a beer and meet other travellers.

To sleep, there is a wide range of options from camping to home-stays, hostels to hotels.

A great way to explore Ella and the surroundings is to hire a scooter from the village. Driving from Ella to Ravana Falls or through the surrounding mountains are some of my favourite memories of Sri Lanka. Just a side note that the Sri Lankan police will expect you to have an international drivers license. I was stopped in Jaffna and only had my Irish license and was fined on the spot.


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