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A day at Galle Fort, Sri Lanka

Spend a day wandering about the picturesque Unesco World Heritage Site of Galle Fort and transport yourself back to in the 16th century. The fort was first built by the Portuguese in the late 1500s and then extensively fortified by the Dutch in the 1600s.

Enter through the main gate by foot, taxi, tuk-tuk or on a scooter and navigate your way through narrow bustling laneways admiring the many old Portuguese and Dutch colonial houses, churches and shops which will have questioning whether you’re in Sri Lanka or Europe! Once you’ve worked up an appetite you enjoy traditional Sri Lankan food at one of the many restaurants within the fort.

Once your belly’s are full its time to get your shop on and there’s no better place in Sri Lanka to do it! Chose from a selection of beautifully handcrafted clothes, art, sculptures and ornaments to name but a few. Enjoy talking with the local artists and hearing their stories or stop to play some board games.

While you are exploring the fort be sure to check out:

The Galle Vegetable and Fishmarket

The National Martine Museum

The Dutch Reform Church

The All Saints Church

The Old Dutch Hospital

The Sudharmalaya Temple

After wandering through the fort its time to catch some sea breeze and ocean views! Head for the Galle lighthouse and make your way up onto the wall of the fort. Stroll along the wall enjoying beautiful views of the ocean, fort and lighthouse. Keep walking until you make it to the clock tower and stop for a while to enjoy watching the locals play a game of cricket.

Now for the grand finale of your day in Galle Fort head back towards the lighthouse and enjoy a breathtaking sunset from almost any part of the wall. Find your own little space, kick back, relax and let nature do the rest! For extra enjoyment remember to have packed a bottle of ice-cold Lion beer!

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