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Drone Over the Mountains

Aerial & Film

At Mark Fitzsimons Media, our forte lies in crafting captivating visual narratives through our exemplary aerial drone photography and videography services. We take immense pride in our passion for capturing mesmerising moments and skilfully weaving compelling stories from exclusive vantage points.


Whether unveiling breathtaking landscapes, encapsulating the essence of events, or meticulously documenting adventures from a distinctive bird's-eye view, our devoted team ensures the delivery of top-tier aerial visuals. Our commitment lies in captivating and inspiring audiences with an unmatched depth and perspective, offering an immersive experience of the captured moments that transcends ordinary storytelling, setting new standards in visual narrative excellence.

Video Editing
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What We Offer:

Aerial Photography Excellence: Our proficient team specializes in capturing striking aerial photography that transcends the ordinary. We seize breathtaking vistas and unique perspectives, delivering visually compelling images that capture the beauty and essence of various landscapes and events.

Cinematic Video Production: From creating immersive storytelling experiences to visually enchanting narratives, our videographers craft cinematic content that immerses viewers in the heart of each moment. Through our videos, we make each story an unforgettable visual journey.

Tailored Visual Storytelling: Understanding the essence of visual narratives, our services are tailored to accentuate the unique aspects of every project. We customise our strategies to effectively engage and captivate audiences, ensuring each visual tale stands out in its uniqueness.

Why Choose Us?

Art of Aerial Imagery: We're devoted to mastering the craft of aerial photography. Our every shot and visual narrative is infused with our unwavering passion for capturing stunning landscapes and extraordinary moments from unique vantage points.

Expertise and Craft: With a wealth of experience in aerial photography and imagery, we've honed our skill to perfection. We understand the art of capturing breathtaking angles and creating captivating visuals that speak volumes.

Personalised Approach: Our service is tailor-made to resonate with your unique vision. Your project is distinct, and our collaboration ensures that each shot reflects the essence of your vision.

Cutting-Edge Technology: We keep up with the latest technological advancements in drone photography, ensuring that each image and video captures the highest quality, ideal for web, social media, or comprehensive marketing campaigns.

Who We Serve?

Aerial Showcase: If you're looking to capture the world from above, our services are designed to elevate your visual storytelling. From awe-inspiring landscapes to captivating moments, our imagery highlights the unique aspects of your vision, inviting viewers to experience it from a whole new perspective.

Destination Highlights: We specialise in bringing the beauty of sought-after locations to life. Whether it's a scenic outdoor setting, a tranquil escape, or a bustling cityscape, our visuals reveal the allure of each destination, appealing to those with a discerning eye for the extraordinary.

Visual Storytelling: If you're in the business of promoting your vision, whether it's an adventure or an artistic endeavor, our visuals make your project irresistible to your audience, enhancing the appeal and attracting those eager to explore and experience your story.

Let's Start Your Adventure:

Prepared to transport your vision to captivating heights? Let's embark on this visual journey together. Contact us today to discuss your aerial photography and videography project. Our mission is to spotlight the uniqueness of your narrative and captivate your audience with breathtaking visuals. Let's bring your story to life and leave a lasting impact on your viewers.

View our Portfolio

Welcome to our Aerial and Film Showcase. Our collection features a curated presentation of our aerial photography and video work, capturing the essence and allure of various breathtaking landscapes and moments.


Each shot reflects our passion for bringing out the unique character of natural vistas and special moments. We invite you to explore our portfolio and witness the depth and beauty captured in every frame. Discover how our aerial photography and video services can elevate and enrich your storytelling.

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