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Your Comprehensive Guide to Flawless Printing & Framing

Navigating Printing & Framing Options

Printing your downloaded JPEGs opens a world of possibilities, from the convenience of home printing to the professional touch of local services. Let's explore your avenues for bringing your digital art to life:

1. Printing at Home

Transform your digital art into tangible pieces from the comfort of your own space. Here’s what you need to know:


  • Immediate control over the printing process.

  • Cost-effective for smaller prints.


  • Limited colour accuracy compared to professional printers.

  • Size constraints based on your printer's capabilities.

  • Reduced quailty compared to printing professionally

A home printing set up

2. Online Printing Services

Opt for professional quality and varied paper options through online services. Consider the following:


  • High-quality printing output.

  • Diverse paper choices for that perfect finish.

  • Very competitive printing prices.


  • Waiting times for physical print delivery.

  • Potential slight variations in colour representation.

  • Quailty can vary. Always check reviews.

I personally print all my Prints with Gelato - my favourtie finish is their Museum-Quality Matte Paper Poster. Their customer service is great and they have the fastest shipping of any online printers I've used. Click here to find out more.

An online printing setup

3. Local Printing Services

Engage with local print shops for a more hands-on approach and expert advice. Keep these points in mind:


  • Personal oversight of the printing process.

  • Tailored advice for optimal results.

  • Option to see different paper options.

  • Supporting local businesses.


  • Can have limited paper choices or sizes available.

  • Quality variations depending on the shop’s expertise. Always check reviews.

Printing locally

Perfecting Your Prints: Best Practices

1. File Preparation:

Ensure to download your files on a desktop or laptop for optimal quality. Downloading the images to your phone might result in file compression and loss of quality.

2. Select the correct ratio:

Ensure to select the correct ratio to suit the printing size you desire. Refer to our ratio guide for selecting the perfect file for your desired print size. Read here

3. Paper Selection:

Experiment with various paper types (matte, glossy) to complement your art. Factor in texture and finish for that ideal match.

Three wall art frames showcasing the beauty of Passo Giau in the Dolomites

Framing Your Artwork

1. Choosing Frames

Selecting the right frame accentuates your art’s beauty. Here’s a glimpse:

  • Frame Style: Choose between classic wooden frames, sleek metal options, or even elegant floater frames.

  • Matching Your Art: Ensure the frame complements your art's style and colour palette.

2. Frame Sizes & Mounting

Consider these tips for a flawless framing experience:

  • Matching Sizes: Ensure the frame matches your print’s dimensions and aspect ratio.

  • Professional Mounting: Seek expert advice or professional framing for intricate or unconventional sizes.

Read our comprehensive guide to framing your artwork. Read here

Navigating Your Choices

Your selected printing and framing methods should align with your preferences, budget, and desired quality. Remember, achieving stunning prints and frames involves meticulous planning and consideration.

Embrace the joy of transforming your digital art into tangible masterpieces. With the right approach, your art will grace your space, adding personality and vibrance!

Explore our wide range of art prints:

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