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Understanding Aspect Ratios for Perfect Prints: Your Comprehensive Guide

Understanding Aspect Ratios for Perfect Prints

Clearing the Confusion

Are you puzzled by the difference between the ratio size and the physical print size? Don't worry; you're not alone! Let's unravel this mystery to ensure your prints turn out just as you envision them.

Ratio Size vs. Print Size

When you download your art prints from us, you receive various ratio (crop) sizes – 2x3, 4x3, 4x5, 5x7, and 11x14. These represent different aspect ratios, not the final print sizes.

What's an Aspect Ratio?

Think of aspect ratios as the recipe for your print. It determines the relationship between height and width. For example, a 2x3 ratio means the width is 1.5 times the height.

The image below shows how the different ratios affect the final size of the printed image. Starting from 2x3 (full sized image from the camera I shoot with) down to 4x5 which is the tightest crop.

Understanding print ratios and sizes.

Choosing the Right Ratio

Use our size guide below to easily find the right ratio for your print. Top tip - there are two ways to approach this.

Frame First, Print Second:

  • Select the frame size you desire for your space.

  • Find a print that matches the dimensions of the chosen frame.

  • Ensure the print's aspect ratio aligns with the frame for a seamless fit.

Print First, Frame Second:

  • Opt for the print size that suits your artistic vision or space.

  • Once printed, look for a frame that complements the chosen print dimensions.

  • Consider custom framing for prints that deviate from standard sizes for a perfect fit.

Want to know more about selecting the correct frame? Follow our framing guide

a graphic showing the different print ratios and sizes

Matching the Print Size:

2x3 Ratio:

  • 24x36 inches (60.96x91.44 cm) - Standard frame: 61x91 cm

  • 20x30 inches (50.8x76.2 cm) - Standard frame: 51x76 cm

  • 16x24 inches (40.64x60.96 cm) - Standard frame: 41x61 cm

  • 12x18 inches (30.48x45.72 cm) - Standard frame: 30x45 cm

  • 8x12 inches (20.32x30.48 cm) - Standard frame: 20x30 cm

  • 4x6 inches (10.16x15.24 cm) - Standard frame: 10x15 cm

4x3 Ratio:

  • 16x12 inches (40.64x30.48 cm) - Standard frame: 40x30 cm

  • 12x9 inches (30.48x22.86 cm) - Standard frame: 30x23 cm

  • 8x6 inches (20.32x15.24 cm) - Standard frame: 20x15 cm

  • 4x3 inches (10.16x7.62 cm) - Standard frame: 10x7 cm

4x5 Ratio:

  • 16x20 inches (40.64x50.8 cm) - Standard frame: 40x50 cm

  • 8x10 inches (20.32x25.4 cm) - Standard frame: 20x25 cm

  • 4x5 inches (10.16x12.7 cm) - Standard frame: 10x13 cm

5x7 Ratio:

  • 20x28 inches (50.8x71.12 cm) - Standard frame: 50x70 cm

  • 15x21 inches (38.1x53.34 cm) - Standard frame: 40x50 cm

  • 10x14 inches (25.4x35.56 cm) - Standard frame: 25x35 cm

  • 5x7 inches (12.7x17.78 cm) - Standard frame: 13x18 cm

11x14 Ratio:

  • 22x28 inches (55.88x71.12 cm) - Standard frame: 56x71 cm

  • 11x14 inches (27.94x35.56 cm) - Standard frame: 28x35 cm

The Printing Process

When printing your artwork, remember that the chosen aspect ratio determines the final crop of your image. If you pick a different print size with a mismatched aspect ratio, cropping will occur, potentially cutting off parts of the image.

Tips for Best Results

  1. Choose Wisely: Select the ratio that aligns with your desired print size to avoid unexpected cropping.

  2. Preview and Adjust: Before printing, preview how your chosen ratio will crop the image. Make adjustments if necessary to retain the composition you desire.

  3. Customize if Needed: Feel free to customize your image before printing. This gives you control over what gets cropped.

Our Commitment to You

We want your prints to reflect your vision accurately. Hence, we provide multiple ratio options to suit various print sizes. Remember, understanding aspect ratios ensures your art shines exactly how you want it to!

Happy printing, and may your walls showcase your art in its full glory!

Image displaying a beautiful Cliffs of Moher triptych, displayed across three beautiful wall art frames above a bed

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