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I am a landscape photographer from County Waterford in the heart of Ireland's 'sunny' south-east!

I've always had a big interest in the media world. As I teenager I was obsessed with electronic music and DJing, I spent countless hours on my turntables and dreamt of making it big in the music scene! This interest in music led me to first take on and complete a one year course in sound engineering and then onto a four-year degree in Multimedia. It was during this time that I got my first taste of photography but interestingly enough it wasn't until much later that I would find myself becoming obsessed with the camera and eventually referring to myself as a photographer! 

I finished my degree in 2013 and like many others, I felt a little lost and wondered what to do next, I decided it was time to do some travelling. A few days after Christmas I left Ireland and travelled to Australia. Over the past few years, I've been lucky enough to call both Australia and New Zealand home and have travelled to countries and places that I never could have even imagined going to. It's been a truly life-changing experience that has opened my eyes up to so many different cultures, people and ways of living. 

During a trip in Asia, I started to document my travels with my camera. This was the catalysis to my photography addiction. As I travelled from country to country I took photos of local landmarks, food markets, people or just whatever caught my eye.

Halfway through that trip, I got a message from a good friend, who was also travelling in Asia, only in the opposite direction, he told me that he was planning on going to Nepal to do some hiking in the Himalayas. I joined him for a month in Nepal and during that time we completed the Annapurna Circuit. We were surrounded by some of the world's highest mountains in some of the most surreal and untouched landscapes I'd ever visited. I was completely hooked! 


After Nepal, I continued on my journey through Asia which eventually ended when I arrived in New Zealand. At this time my passion for photography and the outdoors was exploding and arriving in a country filled with mountains, volcanos, fjords, glaciers and kilometres of beautiful coastline only served to exaggerate it.

My time in New Zealand helped me to grow as a photographer, offering beautiful but challenging landscapes to shoot. It is a country that I want to revisit, hopefully, more than once, to go back with my new skills and learning to reshoot many of the amazing landscapes that I visited. 

I aim to find unique and inspiring images to tell my story through photography. My main focus as a photographer is to share the beauty of the world as I see it. I love revisiting or arriving at a new landscape and finding creative ways to shoot and share it with the world. I enjoy the whole process of photography, from the planning stages all the way through to the post-production stage, they are all equally enjoyable and important to me.

Photography is so much more to me than taking a picture. It's the adventure that leads you to the moment when you are left in awe of the scene before you. Whether it's setting off at 2 am to catch a sunrise on a summit or a road trip to a beautiful lake for sunset. Every picture has a story behind it. It's the creative process of trying to portray the scene in front of you or catching the emotions of the people around you. It's the exciting rush you get when you bring your photos into your editing suite to see for the first time. Photography is my biggest passion and I love sharing the images I create with the world to enjoy.

​We all start somewhere along our photography journey and I know that without the help of others my learning curve would look a lot different.

If you ever have any questions, need help or are looking for some tips and tricks, drop me a message below or DM me on Instagram and I'll do my best to get back to you as soon as possible. ​


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