Online editing WORKSHOP

The art of editing!

I enjoy all aspects of photography but if I had to choose a favourite it would be the post-production process.

It is during this process that your images truly come alive. This is also where you can define your own style and make your photos look unique and individual to you.​

The camera doesn't always capture the mood or colours as intensely as your eye recepted them while you're out shooting.


Small adjustments and colour grading can reflect what you saw and make your shot unique.

Examples of online sessions: 

  • Getting started with Lightroom

  • A full Lightroom walkthrough

  • File management

  • Lightroom basics

  • Editing a photo from start to finish

  • Using Lightroom & Photoshop together

  • Exporting your images for different mediums

Hintersee, Germany8.jpg


The sale of presets has exploded over the past few years and if that's your thing then there are no judgements on my end but here's what I think: Instead of copying others and taking shortcuts why not learn how to create your own stunning edits and dive deep into the magical world of editing! Furthermore, at the end of our session (if we've edited one of yours or my photo) we can turn that edit into your very own personalised preset, giving you a great base to work from for future edits! 

I am happy to cover any topic with you!

I am happy to cover any topic with you. Please leave a note about what you would like to cover while booking. The more detail you can go into the better. Before we begin our session I will contact you via email to discuss your chosen topic to make sure we are on the same page and don't waste any time on the day. If you are just starting out and you're not sure where to start don't fret! Just let me know when booking and I will contact you and we can make a plan that suits you best. I can't stress enough that these tutorials are completely tailored to your current needs and my goal is to work with you to target the areas that need extra attention. 



  • An online video meeting via Google Meets​

  • A detailed tutorial on your chosen topic

  • Reviewing your current work, tips and tricks on how to play around with your current editing style

  • Basic colour introduction

  • An HD screen recording of our session for you to watch back on (optional at no extra cost)

  • Your own personalised Lightroom preset (optional at no extra cost)

  • I will check in with you post meeting to make sure you've understood what we've covered and you're putting your new learning to good use!